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How To Decorate Like A Luxury Designer

Have you ever wondered why the dream homes that you see in magazines like Elle Decor and Architectural Digest look so amazing?! Of course, the decorating budgets are astronomical but professional designers are also key in creating these remarkable interiors. Through education and experience, designers have learned how to make rooms dazzle and stand out.

Follow these suggestions and you too could create the home of your dreams!

  • Decorating is not something to rush! Take time vetting furnishings by measuring and collecting material samples when possible (colors seen on websites can be similar to the actual product but not exact).

  • Measure entry spaces for furniture and artwork. While this seems obvious, quite often even design professionals forget to measure an elevator or entry door to make sure a piece of furniture or art can actually fit through the door.

  • Rugs - size and placement. Rugs should frame the area ( E.G. seating area or dining area) The bigger the rug the more luxurious the room will look. However, there should at least be a 6” border unless it’s a wall-to-wall carpet.

  • Window Treatments - Drapery panels should touch the floor. Careful attention should be paid to this matter. Make sure store-bought drapes get pressed at the Dry Cleaners.

  • Lighting: Go big or go home! In the larger rooms of one’s home small lights are boring and look cheap (e.g. Don’t install a flush mount closet sized light in a Living Room) Light fixtures make a room stand out!

  • Art - This is a must for every room! Art takes a room to the next level in design. Scale should be taken into consideration. A tiny piece of art over a large sofa will not look good. If you cannot afford to buy art, print and frame your favorite photos in black and white. Create a grid or asymmetrical staggered picture wall of different sized frames.

  • Hire tradespeople: don’t do it all yourself (e.g., painting and wallpaper, art hanging, carpentry)

  • Paint Color - determine the color scheme and select furnishings first in order to match paint to furnishings’ upholstery. Purchase paint boards to sample paint and review in different areas of the room to determine if they look good before beginning the paint job.

  • Furniture size: Large furniture is luxurious. Space is a luxury as we all know in Hoboken where the price per square foot is approximately $750 (according to Zillow)! In small apartments large furniture pieces can make a room look more spacious. There still has to be about 3’ of circulation room in walkways/thoroughfares. A few pieces of generously sized furniture are preferable to many small pieces. In this case “less is more”!

Things to avoid:

  • Existing furniture - furniture from previous homes may not work for your new one. Trying to make them work is like the old saying “square peg in a round hole.” These items should be donated or sold.

  • Avoid fabrics that are not cleanable. Viscose looks beautiful but it is not cleanable.

  • Do not buy everything from one furniture retailer. The room will end up looking like a furniture showroom without personality.

  • Take time curating the home’s decor. Don’t rush!

  • Do not covet thy neighbor’s design style. Make it your own!

  • Do not ask everyone everyone’s opinion that you know unless they have great taste similar to your own. Everyone will have a different opinion.


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